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VOIP is a more recently created technology that allows voice communication over an Internet connection. Wherever or however you get broad band connection you'll have the ability to use VOIP services rather than relying solely upon the conventional copper wire connection.

Cost Saving for Every Day Use

With VOIP solution in the home, a user can save quite a bit of money while making their usual phone calls via the PC. First, you need to choose a VOIP provider. Not all VOIP providers are created equal. While choosing a VOIP, you need to keep in mind that some require you to purchase your own equipment, while others provide it to you as part of the user subscription.

The easiest and cheapest way to setup a VOIP connection is through downloading the free software and using your PC to call others. You will more than likely need to buy a headset or use a microphone and speakers. That's all it takes to start saving 50-60% off of conventional telephone services. Traditional phone utility companies more and more have to compete with such free services.

Another way that VOIP is cheaper is that you don't pay any extra in taxes. Traditional phone services not only charge a monthly service fee, but other various taxes and surcharges as part of the subscription.

For Use in the Home

You don't have to be physically at the computer in order to use VOIP. When you are in the home, you can connect to VOIP via a regular phone that you plug into a special router that's already connected to a computer, rather than a regular wall unit.

Even better yet, there are VOIP phones that connect you directly through a wireless-G network using a high-speed Internet connection anywhere there's a public hot-spot or wireless Internet connection. These phones have a web interface that allows you to not only make calls, but surf the web as well.

VOIP for Business

VOIP has many time saving applications for the business. The Virtual PBX system for business is VOIP that is specifically designed for caller management. This VOIP enabled hosting system allows business owners to manage their calls via auto attendant, auto call distribution, fax to mail, voice mail, call forwarding, call transferring, call routing (to multiple extensions), conference calling, direct inward dialing, and music during holding.

Through Virtual PBX, multiple extensions can be utilized creating a virtual department or virtual branch office for any business. It makes it possible for employees to work while traveling or even from the comfort of their own home all the while maintaining a high level of sophistication and professionalism.

Video VOIP

Along with the ever-increasing demand of VOIP solutions, several companies are coming up to bat with a slew of VOIP technologies and products, among which is video capability. A few of the many advantages these video phones have are it's high resolution 7-inch Digital Color Screen, video outputs, multiple language settings, cordless option, a digital phone frame mode, USB port for downloading all sorts of media, etc. These phones will become more commonplace for all homes as a standard built-in appliance once more people discover the cost saving and endlessly useful advantages they are in comparison to the old traditional land-line.

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VOIP Means Save

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This article was published on 2010/04/22