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Choosing business VoIP instead of regular telephone services can be a good decision for new businesses. The number of businesses switching to VoIP is greatly increasing, but instead of switching at a later date it is wise for start-ups to choose this newer technology immediately. It is easier to use VoIP from the outset rather than going through the hassle of replacing a telephone system further down the road. Set up costs are relatively low for business VoIP, something that is a major advantage for businesses that dont yet have any incomings. And once it is ready to use calls are cheaper, especially international calls. Depending on the business this can mean huge cost savings.

Whereas traditional telephones work over a phone line, VoIP utilises the broadband connection. This means there is no need to have a phone line installed in the office, something that is of particular benefit if an internet connection is necessary anyway, as it is for almost all businesses these days.

The quality of VoIP has improved significantly over the last few years, something that is due to both an improvement in broadband connections and the technologies used for VoIP. The lack of quality once meant that VoIP was a poor alternative to telephones. Yes it was cheap, but it was nowhere near the quality required for business use. This is no longer the case. With the top VoIP providers the call quality is comparable with that of telephones. Quality is no longer an issue.

Business VoIP has many advantages for small businesses. Integrated phone systems are available, with several handsets throughout an office. This means that one handset for each person in the office is possible. Call forwarding, caller ID and answer phones are also now possible with VoIP. These are all areas where VoIP has caught up with telephone services. All the things you might need for voice communication within a business are now possible, whether between colleagues or with customers.

Small businesses often have a tough time financially to begin with. Therefore any savings they can make are extremely beneficial, and VoIP is one potential saving that can be made. If business make a large number of calls, especially if they have partners and customers abroad, then the savings can be particularly advantageous.

As well as regular calls, web conferencing and video calls are amongst other things that can be achieved over a VoIP connection. These are relatively cheap and can therefore further increase efficiency. These can be alternatives to having to travel to meetings, meaning much time and money can be saved.

Business VoIP is something more and more businesses are considering and the numbers switching from telephone services are increasing every year. There has always been the cost savings but previously the quality was not sufficient for business use. This is no longer the case. With the prices still being cheaper than telephone services and the improvements in quality, VoIP is now a serious consideration for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Savings can be particularly helpful to new businesses just starting out.

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Voip For New Businesses

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This article was published on 2010/10/21