Small Business Telephone Systems - VoIP to the Rescue!

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VoIP systems or more formally Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems are one of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a small business phone systems. Even the smallest one person company can take advantage of VoIP services through inexpensive services such as Vonage or near free services from Skype. Based on your business needs and call volume these services may be just what you need and cover the most basic (or not so basic) services your company sets out to find. 
Many companies are throwing their hats into the VoIP ring, even popular operating system turn software turned MP3 player and video game system producer Microsoft has an entry with their Response Point product line. Response Point allows Microsoft to do what they do well, software. The software is set up so the average person can run it from a desktop, so there is no need to hire and pay for an expensive IT staff person to manage it. It is geared directly at the smallest of small businesses, those with 1-50 employees. It allows you to easily add phones and lines, change functionality and move phones around with ease. 
For the hardware Microsoft partners with manufactures to give you options for your unique needs. Likewise, they do the same for the service offering you multiple partner companies to choose from. Microsoft takes their software, wraps it around services and hardware and provides you with a very valid small business option.
As good as this is it may not be your best option, there are companies out there that offer functions, features and VoIP telephone systems for a fraction of the cost. Whichever way you end up going for your small business VoIP needs you are going to need to study, educate and then attack. Not all VoIP systems are created equal.
VoIP isn't your only option when deciding on a new phone system; however it is a solution that you should strongly consider. Microsoft boast saving of up to 51% on services; however other VoIP systems can offer equally the same savings. So consider the cost of hardware, long term service commitments and the ability for the telephone system to grow with your organization. There are great options out there such as a hosted PBX, voice attendant and many others for your consideration. Not all are going to be valid for your small business, so weigh cost versus value in your small business.  

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Small Business Telephone Systems - VoIP to the Rescue!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01