Conference Calls through VoIP Technology

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Conference Calls through VoIP Technology

Using technology like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), one can make conference calls from any where in the world. Such is the progress of technology that one can do video conferencing and teleconferencing over the internet through VoIP and all this is at free of cost. One can also make free international calls with the advent of VoIP.

VoIP converts the analog signals to digital signals and the same is transmitted over the internet. The most important feature of this is cost cutting. The cost at which the digital signals are transferred is very less, when compared to the normal telephone cost via the standard telephone network.

Free international calls are very much necessary these days to run any business. One has to communicate to the client or the counterparts on the other part of the world on day to day basis. Some times, it happens bi-weekly or on weekly basis. One has to do conference calls for this type of communication.

VoIP is very useful in such cases. Usually, users install VoIP phones on either ends and hence, the communication will be from VoIP to VoIP, wherein the voice clarity and the video clarity will be very clear. The digital signals coming through the VoIP is not distorted. Due to the clarity of the signals, one prefers to install VoIP and use the conference calls facility. There are many websites, which provide VoIP services free of cost.

Steps for Using Conference Calls

One has to execute the basic steps for making free international calls as below –

* Create an account on the website, where free calls are allowed

*  Name and Email address is the minimum required details to create an account

*  Once created, the account can be accessed and used for any of the following –

· Hosting online meetings

· Recordings of Podcasts

· See the conference instructions

Features of the calls are –

*  Ability to download

*  Online meetings

*  Recording calls

*  Free report on details of the calls after each call

*  International access numbers for free

One can get connected to many people at the same time without any problem. Any of the following services can be availed –

*  Seminars

*  Webinars

*  Company Meetings

*  Product Training

*  Presentations on Online basis

*  Presentations on Sales

*  Team meetings for projects

One has to dial-in to make calls and also use access codes, setup meeting links and meeting ID. After this, they can start the meeting. In most cases, the calls can be set up easily and can be used immediately. In case, one of the invitees to the call misses the same, then they can see the recordings of the call and get to know the details. The recordings are usually available once a person logs in to the account. Some websites use Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for conferences and not VoIP.

One can really avail good benefits by using the above services. People can get any urgent tasks done immediately and get the task completed. Clearing any doubts, dealings in finances, customer rapport building all such tasks can be done easily via VoIP services.

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Conference Calls through VoIP Technology

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This article was published on 2012/03/14