Cheap International Calls - Easy Way To Save Money

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Europe for the past several years has seen an economic slowdown and the state has entered a recession and there seems no end to it. In such a reality, everyone is looking to save some money. According to a BBC studying the previous year, on average every person spent almost £439 on telephone calls a year, which is quite a decent amount. In difficult times like these, people incline to look to back up avenues where they can make cheaper calls and save money. Moreover, if they make global calls then they are all the more in the need of such an alternative for making cheap global calls.

There are a couple of things they can do tho' where they save money and even get to speak longer to their relatives and friends.

The advantageous news is, there is no insufficiency of options for the cheapest foreign calls, including VoIP, SIMs, calling cards, "virtual” calling cards, Face time, Viber and other services. Here are a couple of techniques which people have relied on and found success in.

Pay-As-You-Go SIM Cards

A Pay-As-You-Go SIM or a pre-Paid SIM works the same way a calling card works, in that you pre-pay for calling credit, which is tied to your SIM card and deducted as you talk. Just insert the chip into your mobile machine, and begin calling. Not all mobile have a sim slot, some are cdma based and do not use Sim cards, so make sure that you have a mobile which has a sim card slot. Several Telecom companies have come up with inexpensive Prepaid Services for making cheap global calls.

International Calling Cards

Calling cards are obtainable globally and everyone knows them well, they have been there for the past few decades, When you acquire a calling card, you are purchasing your call time up advanced, referred to as your "call credit" This credit is tied to your calling card bill and will be deducted by the minute at the rate for your call destination. Rates vary from provider to provider, you should make proper investigation before buying one, keep in mind the rates of the destination state from the land you are calling from. Also some calling cards have special rates for calls to certain countries like Calling Canada from the USA or calling India from the UK. Assure that you are taking one which suits your need.


For using a calling card you need a telephone or a mobile connection. VoIP, or Voice Over IP, uses a form of technology that makes calls over an IP address using an Internet connection. This connection can be made through a laptop or PC, or a mobile phone or a tablet. Many of the worldwide calling mobile apps use VoIP, including what’s app and Viber. Computer-based calling programs use VoIP as well, including Skype, Viber and Face Time. VoIP services require downloading software to your computer or an app to your mobile device, and are usually free of cost. Some of VoIP services, like Skype, have a free version and a more feature-rich paid version.)

Nonetheless, quality and reliability of free services can be far below your standards. SimpleCall is one such Telecom organization that has endeavored to make International calling affordable and inexpensive for people.

In the end, there is no deficiency of alternative ways to make cheap international calls this year. You'll save lots of money and get to talk to friends and family for hours and hours.

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Cheap International Calls - Easy Way To Save Money

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Cheap International Calls - Easy Way To Save Money

This article was published on 2013/06/05