Advantages of Using Hosted Softswitch Partition

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Telecommunication has made rapid strides during last few years which has resulted in massive changes  in  how we communicate and work. The most important development have been introduction of hosted VOIP partition. In fact, VOIP made international calls really cheap and all your call centers are feasible only because of VOIP technology otherwise they are not sustainable if you are using traditional communication modes. As the VOIP technology has developed over the years, a whole new industry has grown because of it. Numerous businesses like Skype, Vonage, Axvoice, etc, and maximum of such businesses accrue from VoIP services. Then, there are numerous businesses offering hosted softswitch partition services.

Using VoIP technology is very beneficial for businesses as it is cheaper and would make your work processes efficient. If you are looking for hosted  VoIPswitch partition, it is important that you understand how VoIP technology works. The technology works by converting voice signals into digital IP packets which are then sent by using Internet highway to their intended destination. Because of its effectiveness and low pricing, the technology is fast becoming very popular across the globe. Seeing the demand for hosted softswitch partition, numerous businesses have started offering such services. However, it is imperative that you check out whether services offered meet your requirements or not.

Talking of hosted softswitch partition, it is important to know how softswitches work. A Softswitch is equipped with specialized software and is used to link calls from one telephone line to another one and is situated in the middle of a telephone network. Before software  driven switches, routing of calls was used to be done by physical switches. Such switches are used for connecting the circuit and packet networks. In order to do this, a device containing both  switching logic and fabric can be used. Now-a-days, the two parts are called Call Agent and Media gateway. The former is used to perform functions like billing, call routing, signaling, call services, etc. However, call agent used in a softswitch can be used to control media gateways located in different geographical locations.

On getting the hosted softswitch partition, there are numerous things that you can do using it. For example, you can use media gateway to connect variety of media streams together to forge a end-to-end  path for the voice media and data. Because of the softswitch, you are able to connect PSTN networks, ATM and IP networks. Now, you have got systems which can connect Ethernet interfaces for connecting VoIP calls.

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Advantages of Using Hosted Softswitch Partition

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This article was published on 2012/06/05